The revolution of
storing thermal energy

HeatTank can help your business decrease its energy costs by 20-50%.


Fast ROI

We focus on ROI and strive to keep it low, under 3-5 years.

Decrease energy cost by 20-50%

HeatTank transfers cheap energy to peak periods by increasing and balancing the efficiency of the cooling/heating system.

100% Operation security

HeatTank immediately provides cooling/heating in case of emergency as a redundant factor.

Cut CO2 emission by 30-50%

HeatTank helps you make your property environmentally friendly by reducing CO2 emission.

Groundbreaking solution for thermal energy systems

With our control system HeatTank always works at an optimal level.

The HeatTank

Full control

The charging and discharging periods can be controlled.

Energy reports

We offer energy reports on the quantity of saved electricity.

Customized solution

After the personal audit we offer customized solutions.

Our clients & partners

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Rita Andrássyné Farkas

Rita Andrássyné Farkas


Coordinate the project, subcontractors, 7 years exp. in PCMs and 2 years management, trade

Zoltán Andrássy, PhD candidate

Zoltán Andrássy, PhD candidate


R&D, engineering design, 8 years R&D in thermal energy storage and PCMs, 3-year design experience

Keve Papp

Keve Papp


Commercial growth and value creation based on 25+ years in multiple industries in fast-changing global markets.

Istvan Sebestyen

Istvan Sebestyen

Sales Manager

Sales Manager with 10+ years experience, Working proficiency in German, English and French

Gergely Csende

Gergely Csende

Business Development Manager

Sales Manager with 5+ years experience, strategic thinking and network focus

Laszlo Tomori

Laszlo Tomori

Business Development Manager

12 years of B2B and B2C Sales / Account & Client Relationship Management experience in a complex business environment

János Mucha

János Mucha

Control system specialist

Designing and implementing AVR circuits, also complex monitoring and reporting tools for HeatVentors highly advanced heat storage systems.

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