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our team of experts configures and supervises the installation of the heat storage package that best suits the application: system can be expanded anytime step-by-step


supported every step
dedicated project manager
fully documented

Intelligent Thermal Battery is a radically innovative technology, especially for its use in indoor office environments. Our mission is to make our innovative modern technology known and accessible to the widest range of people and companies. We are aiming to change the way we think about heat storage, from the vision of large, heavy, outdoor heat storage and bring redefined heat storages from industrial environments to the world of offices so that it is accessible to everyone.

Therefore, we carefully guide our customers and interested parties through the process, starting from the first conversation which explores possible options through to the design of the most appropriate configuration and finally to the installation, taking into account future expansion.

We make significant efforts to educate the market at various HVAC professional forums and user industry events (hotels, shopping malls). For experts and designers in the HVAC world, we introduce modern technology and how to scale it. Nevertheless, occasionally experienced colleagues of HVAC design offices are not yet familiar enough with the system to formulate a professional second opinion and perform calculations


The complexity of the system calculations is caused by the multitude and applicability of the methods resulting in savings, and the consideration of economic parameters in addition to the technical ones, which is thus a typical multiparameter optimization calculation. We are happy to consult with experts contracted by our customers, as well as trust in the new technology to create a complete feeling of technical and business comfort!

Our prefabricated, off the shelf, catalogue-selected Thermal Battery, from thousands of tested PCMs, is sized to meet typical customer's needs. The parameterization of the control system takes place on-site after installation. Monitoring of operations, energy-saving data can be accessed remotely.

The initial step in calculating volume requirements is to fill out a Data Request describing the current operation and submit it to Heatventors or our reseller. In every instance, the system will be discussed, scaled, and presented based on customer data. We consider potential future expansion, present or future cooperation with photovoltaic systems, the physical features of the building after the on-site survey, such as installation location, static load, transportation, etc. Based on thousands of configurations and numerous implemented systems, our design engineers support the customer from the first steps to delivery, both at technical and business decision-making level.


Our project managers lead the implementation with attention to detail. Following the establishment of the new HeatTank in the HVAC system, the system connection itself requires only a minimal stop of operation – a few hours. We are happy to cooperate with our customers' mechanical engineering suppliers, HVAC service companies during installation, and they can even arrange their own installation, using our installation plans.



At the time of starting the system, we prepare a final system plan that can be added to your HVAC engineering plan. The system is designed in a way that it can be disconnected from the original system at any time, ensuring its previous operation.
We shut down the Thermal Battery Pack through the software, using remote access, a few times a year for short periods, in order to test the operation of the system, without the Heatventors Intelligent Thermal Battery, so that we can record its’ data series and to compare it to our Intelligent Controller, always with advance notification to our client.
After the system starts, customers will have access to their data, either from their mobile device or they can connect it to their building engineering systems.

We go through the entire process together, providing a maximum sense of security and professional support from the first planning stages to the last moment of handover, and we continue to stay in touch until the optimal size of the system is created at any later stage.


Let's build a custom plan around your business

Dive into the deep details, with professional competence

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