Technical challenges

It is always more efficient to produce energy in a concentrated place, like district heating and cooling systems.In case of the district heating systems a thermal energy storage is essential. The well-known solution is the water storage. However, it requires a lot of space.The number of district cooling systems (DCS) is rapidly increasing but they have many technical challenges: peak load management, lack of space, plant size optimization and security of supply.

Pain points

Usually our customers are facing with following difficulties:

Lack of space

No space for the water storage.

Peak load management

Peak load management

Plant size optimization

Plant size optimization

Security of supply

Plant size optimization

The solution

By using HeatTank instead of water storage, the storage size can be reduced by 60% and thanks to the optimal storage temperature and higher performance, energy efficiency is 20-40% higher.HeatTank can highly increase the energy efficiency of DCS because cooling systems should produce cooling energy only when it is the most efficient, the cheapest or completely free. Additionally, HeatTanks can be placed not just close to the central chiller unit but in separated branches of the system as well. By doing this, it is possible to turn off some branches from the DCS in case of partial needs, also reduce the heat loss through the pipes and the pumping energy.Large central storages can work in virtual power plant function as well and be part of demand response.

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20-50% ore efficiency

Electricity saving is between 20-50%. Free-cooling at night & Chiller optimization.

Reduced maintence

The cooling system gets more stable, requiring less maintenance and reduced operation costs.


Concentrated thermal energy storage. 90% smaller than the traditional water storage and innovative rectangular shape to save space.

Backup cooling

Backup cooling available to bridge restart downtime in case of blackouts. The restart of the newest cooling systems take at least 5 minutes, which could be critical.

Remote control

Visualized energy reports on monthly base to follow the energy saving.

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