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ensures maximum performance and long life without extra maintenance


highly efficient thermal process
easy transportation and installation

Thermal Battery provides the ability for quick intervention to control intelligence. The two together are the basis for maximizing potential energy savings, the birth of the Intelligent Thermal Battery, and our remarkable energy saving results.

Our thermal batteries have a proprietary internal layout and fast charging/discharging design, and can be connected to one or two hydraulic systems. Thermal Battery design structure and the basic requirements for the heat exchanger were determined by the requirements of the control cycle time.


Thanks to the design of the heat exchanger, the entire storage volume is actively involved in the energy storage and optimization process, all with minimal energy loss. The dynamics of the thermal process is ensured by the unique fin formation, the design of circulation and the size of the heat transfer surface. The unique wide temperature range, i.e., the ability to adjust the temperature operation point of the Thermal Battery (phase change temperature), the usability of diverse types of PCMs were key design aspects of the heat exchanger.

We aimed for a modular design. Modularity means variable phase change materials, sizing and indoor and outdoor use. In order to meet thermal energy storage needs in a scalable way standard products, the 10kWh, 25kWh, 50kWh and 1.2MWhs systems, can be connected at any time, with regard to both space (indoor conditions) and time (can be further developed step by step). The philosophy of scalability continues when drawing data curves for the Intelligent Controller, providing guidance for the user's expansion plans, i.e. to achieve the optimal storage size throughout several stages.




The Intelligent Controller provides simultaneous control of the entire Thermal Battery Pack. To simplify transport, the Thermal Batteries are charged with PCM on site after installation. 

For industrial users and energy utilities, we recommend our GigaBatteries for an order of magnitude with higher capacity requirements (MWh), outdoor design, containerised, interconnected. For ease of transportation, the design of the GigaBattery is adapted to international standard container sizes.

The patented system is manufactured in Hungary, within the EU.


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