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operating point is adjusted to the storage temperature, made of dozens of carefully selected, qualified materials for high energy density, heating and cooling applications


wide temperature set up
3.000PCMs tested
custom fitted PCM
environmentally friendly

In addition to control software and electronic circuits, the Intelligent Thermal Battery consists of standard single or multi battery boxes of various sizes, proprietary heat exchanger and heat storage material. Our Intelligent Thermal Batteries can be selected from our catalogues, from 10KW to multi-megawatt, outdoor or indoor installations. 

Compared to traditional solutions i.e., water-based storage, our solutions due to their significantly lower weight, reduced space requirements and high energy density, can be used successfully both outside of buildings and in interior spaces, thus revolutionizing heat storage and use.

Heat storage is carried out using phase change materials. PCMs are substances that are solid in one temperature range and liquid in another range. The application of the technology of PCMs, which has been known for years, really started a few years ago and has enormous development potential due to the availability of an increasing amount of modern materials.


Heatventors Intelligent Thermal Batteries are a product line that can be configured at multiple levels. The well-known characteristics of the substantial number of PCMs tested by us make it possible to adjust the storage temperature across a wide range, adapting as much as possible to the receiving thermal system, the application and ultimately, the needs of the user. These temperatures can vary widely for industrial applications or agricultural practices. The correct setting of the operating point of the PCM, is the crux for energy saving.


The founders of Heatventors founded the company after 10 years of basic research and specialised doctorates, researching and documenting the characteristics of more than 3,000 varied materials, where we still pay special attention to the development of new materials, along with our international manufacturing partners. In cooperation with universities as well as our chemical manufacturing partners, comprehensive material testing takes place in their laboratories and special testing units.

The development of our PCM materials continues towards energy density and adjustable operating points, retaining weight and size advantages and adaptability to office environments. Our external devices, for industrial users and energy utilities, are more capable of storing an order of such magnitude, as modules.


The majority of the PCMs we choose are environmentally friendly and have a long service life. HeatTanks are non-pressurised and free from any special maintenance, and can be expanded, connected easily.


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