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Supporting Sustainable Finance
Improve profitability, manage risks better

Financial sector is the designated guardian of Sustainable Finance. Financial sector is an early adopter of cutting-edge technologies. They distribute green bonds, fund and asset managers, monitor financial exchanges and disruptive new technologies. Investors, looking for novel solutions in the energy market to be part of revolutionary technologies.

Money and capital management is the primary activity. The financial management of the business. P&L management is a core area where every cost item and every sensible saving is important. P&L optimization for their clients, both retail and corporate, is a key element of financial advice. After all, savings services are the original “narrow” business of banking and financial services.

Heatventors Thermal Battery is an energy saving “artist”. It stores “cheap” or “free” energy, releases it when “expensive” and saves money. It is done automatically by the Intelligent Controller, learning and adapting to the building and users' use patterns (e.g. shorter shifts on Friday afternoons, low use at week-ends), thus creating the thermal characteristics of the building and adapting it to the daily and seasonal fluctuations of the outside temperature. Permanent indoor climate at the cheapest energy price.

The cheapest (thermal) energy is the one that does not need to be produced and is also the most environmentally friendly. The Heatventors Intelligent Thermal Battery evens out daily temperature fluctuations to the changing indoor climate demand (during the day when the building is full and when it is empty at night) by optimizing the operating costs of the building with its high performance and scalable capacity.

Opex “friendly” due to lower energy consumption and reduces the maintenance costs of the cooler/heating units running at lower loads. It saves Capex by extending the life of the heating/cooling machines and possibly saving the costs of capacity increases in existing cooling/heating systems due to global climate change and rising daily temperatures, thus the scalable implementation of Thermal Battery is a “good friend” of Capex.

With our Thermal Battery, the server park, an essential unit in the financial sector, saves significant cooling costs and adds a new layer of redundancy to the operation of servers in case of chiller failure, temporarily cooling the servers.

All this promise is measurable, “auditable”, with a monitored data stream.

Greener tomorrow with accurate numbers is a tangible element of a Corporate Social Responsibility where CO2 saving and leading by example is the basis for environmentally conscious behaviour.


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