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Thermal Battery matches the hotel’s heat consumption to occupancy rates and improves profitability.

Heatventors Intelligent Thermal Batteries' efficient energy storage system ensures that the hotel's heat consumption matches occupancy thanks to the intelligence of the controller’s self-learning algorithm. The energy consumption is tracked, and all the data is accessible real time via the internet, helping the hotel or facility manager to stay within the operating budget.

Use it as a powerful behind-the-scenes controller to streamline operations in any hotel building. Our thermal storage can be placed in the basement or outdoors, i.e on the roof or next to the hotel building. 

The huge glass surfaces of the pool area of the wellness hotels, the transparent facades of the ultra-modern downtown skyscrapers or an atrium grandioso of a classic styled hotel building give the building an unwanted greenhouse effect. The Intelligent Thermal Battery is tracking the daily operation of the HVAC system, and with its cutting-edge peak-to-peak control function, and with free cooling option supports the cooling unit economical operation in this heavily load environment. Rationalized operation results in savings both on Opex, during daily operation and servicing, and on Capex, extending the lifetime of the chiller. 

The use of eco-friendly phase change materials (PCMs) to store heat, also contributes to the hotel's sustainability goals. By implementing a Thermal Battery, hotels can reduce their carbon footprint and improve their reputation as a responsible and environmentally conscious business. In addition to the benefit of more economical operation, this green investment can also be part of the hotel marketing campaign and SCR activities. The auditability of the savings data makes possible to put exact numbers behind advertising: Every day, we save the CO2 cleaning capacity equivalent to the prime forest of 5 football fields.

In conclusion, it is a smart, long-term investment for hotels looking to enhance their operational efficiency, safety and environmental performance.

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