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Decrease one of the biggest P&L item: energy cost 
Improve productivity.

Greenhouses help to produce vegetables and fruits year around, but keeping the optimal temperature comes with major expenses. Our high-performance Intelligent Thermal Battery can reduce the biggest profit and loss item for these facilities, i.e. maintenance cost.

Not only growing, but processing uses extensive amounts of heat, thermal batteries help to cover the gaps between processing periods. Heatventors Intelligent Thermal Battery is capable of storing heat in a unique fashion between -30 and +120 Celsius degrees, making it an optimal choice to support the most different temperature management requirements.

The wide, adjustable temperature range stems from 10 years of PCM research. Heatventors Intelligent Thermal Battery exploits the property of PCMs to crystallize at a given but different temperature. This unique feature forms the basis of our agricultural offer, which enables us to meet the various needs of mushroom growers, wine producers or canneries, and to be involved in their operational processes by individually setting the desired temperature.

In order to make its application cost-effective, we made the internal design of the battery universal, standardized the external dimensions, and made it possible to connect the batteries under common control. These three qualities; the diversity and versatility of PCMs, the standard battery design and the scalability make them an excellent business solution that adapts to different user needs.

In some cases, the goal is not only to reduce Opex, but to protect the product. For a winery, leaving the "required storage temperature range" (eg. -7C° to  -2C°) can lead to the destruction of many hectoliters of must or wine. The Heatventors Intelligent Thermal Battery keeps the tanks cold for a while, even if the cooler stops. It provides extra redundancy and security for the production process.


In the case of vertical farming, the goal is to ensure the most ideal environmental conditions for plant development. Including a constant internal climate depending on the external temperature. Plants need natural sunlight, but not thermal fluctuations, which the Thermal Battery helps to manage with optimized energy costs.

In addition, last year's sudden spike in energy prices brought the cooling costs of greenhouses to the fore. The Heatventors Intelligent Thermal Battery alone or in combination with solar panels can be an energy-optimizing solution that reduces cooling costs and thus helps maintain a competitive price for food.



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