We believe that technology can make the world a better place.
When science and engineering comes together, something magical happens.

Today more and more companies start to operate in a more responsible way as we start to understand the importance of the environment and the fact that our very future is at stake. As scientists and engineers we understand that the best solutions for our problems come with practicality. If we can help our clients operate in a more efficient way and save energy, we also help everyone to have a cleaner and better future.

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The Story

Storing energy is a great challenge for engineers. Spotlight is usually put on storing electricity, however thermal energy storage, i.e. storing heat or cold, is also a key issue for effective energy management.

It is estimated, that 20 billion euros or 250 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent green-house gases could be saved only in Europe with optimal thermal energy storages.

A green forest from above
Rita Andrássyné Farkas and Zoli Andrássy with the HeatTank

We are a dedicated engineer team with 8 years experience in thermal energy storage. We started as a university research to investigate thermodynamics and the Phase Change Materials.

Rita Andrássyné Farkas is working on HeatTank
Zoli Andrássyis working on the HeatTank

We made a modelling algorithm, to simulate the processes inside these materials and create more efficient energy storages. Since than we verified our solution with prototypes and pilot projects and now we have many working systems in the national and international market.
We are the proof that everybody can reach his or her dreams with hard work and commitment.

Rita Andrássyné Farkas and Zoli Andrássy during work

Our mission is to find efficient and environmental friendly solution for the arisen problems with thermal energy storage. There are many known solutions even so an engineer can never accept a current, quite-good solution but have to create and develop something new. Our technology is patented, but our research can never end, our goal is to reach better and better scientific results, make the energy systems more efficient and save the environment.

Rita & Zoli


Rita Andrássyné Farkas

Rita, the co-founder and CEO of HeatVentors completed her studies as Mechanical Engineering MSc. She has more than 6 years experience in thermal energy storages and she completed her knowledge with economics and business development by working for multinational companies.  With Rita’s lead HeatVentors won several startup competitions and motivating many women to step into the light and start their life as entrepreneurs.

Rita Andrássyné Farkas is reading a document
Zoli Andrássy is working on his laptop

Zoli Andrássy, PhD

Zoltan is the co-founder and CTO of HeatVentors. During his HVAC engineer studies he spent 8 years with investigating the thermal energy storage and Phase Change material. He also write his PhD thesis from this field. He has many international scientific publications and he is dedicated to share the knowledge by teaching and speaking on conferences.


Rita Andrássyné Farkas

Rita Andrássyné Farkas


Coordinate the project, subcontractors, 7 years exp. in PCMs and 2 years management, trade

Zoltán Andrássy, PhD

Zoltán Andrássy, PhD


R&D, engineering design, 8 years R&D in thermal energy storage and PCMs, 3-year design experience

Keve Papp

Keve Papp


Commercial growth and value creation based on 25+ years in multiple industries in fast-changing global markets.

Attila Hunyadi

Attila Hunyadi

Business Developer

Business development, sales, 4 years of sales experience

János Mucha

János Mucha

Control system specialist

Designing and implementing AVR circuits, also complex monitoring and reporting tools for HeatVentors highly advanced heat storage systems.

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