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To make thermal batteries easy to use, highly effective and affordable, anywhere and make tangible contribution to our business customers’ energy awareness and carbon reduction.

Our know-how manifests itself in a practical box, our thermal battery, much like electrical batteries today, suitable also for indoor use.


We believe in environmentally friendly technologies and engineering knowledge that can achieve anything. With our Intelligent Thermal Batteries, we save energy, save the environment and save money.

We are creating a new $5 billion „blue ocean” Intelligent Thermal Battery market.


We continuously develop our thermal battery technology, in terms of improving the energy density, its adaptability to user needs and the data analysis available.

In practice, researching the energy density, improving the dynamics of thermodynamic processes, and better the intelligence of the control algorithm by applying high-end technologies of self-learning methods and big data analytics.
Research and development organized internationally with the involvement of university labs, our supplier partners, and leading energy utilities. Products are manufactured in Hungary, EU.


It is estimated, that 20 billion euros or 250 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent green-house gases could be saved only in Europe with optimal thermal energy storages. Big numbers inspired us to deal with these savings challenges.

Started in universities’ research labs with the base research of Phase Change Materials. It took 10 years. Heatventors as a legal entity was established in 2019.

We quickly realized that the widely applicable solution of revolutionary thermal energy storage has only limited application. The expansion requires the flexible adaptation to legacy HVAC systems and the control of the new, multi-faceted energy system according to different user requirements.

From a business angle, the challenge was the conversion of the industrial use, complex, large-scale, heavy outdoor heat storage systems into a flexible solution for any business environment.
We follow our path with an international team, and investors from the energy and business world.

HeatVentors' board members bikes before meeting.

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