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1. stage: over insurance and quality assurance

The first step in safety is over insurance and quality assurance.

Our production partner, Rosenberg Hungária, has a very serious quality assurance, the HeatTank manufacturing is compliant to

- EU 2006/42/ guidelines

- EU pressurized vessels 2014/68/EU

- ISO 9001:2015

- TÜV certification


In order to ensure over insurance, Rosenberg Hungária examines the tightness of the heat exchangers at 25 bar test pressure. This allows a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar, while an average cooling system is operating at a maximum pressure of 4-5 bar.

2. stage: liquid level measurement and separation of the HeatTank subsystem

The phase change material in the HeatTank operates at atmospheric pressure, the pressure of the liquid flowing through the heat exchanger in the HeatTank is higher than this in all cases. In the unlikely even of damage to the HeatTank’s heat exchanger can only allow fluid to flow into the HeatTank from the heat exchanger. To indicate this, level measuring sensors can be installed in the HeatTanks, if the level changes to an abnormal level, our control system will immediately separate the HeatTanks from the cooling/heating system, so that due to a possible error, the HeatTanks will not interfere with the normal operation of the system (without HeatTank).

3. stage: sending alerts

As a result of the indication of the level meters, our control system sends email and/or sms notification to the email addresses and telephone numbers of the technical team of HeatVentors and the persons indicated by the customer. (within the company it is possible to set only 1 person responsible for operation to be informed about the malfunction or several colleagues)


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