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Revolutionary Energy Storage and International Recognition - Our Visit to Paris

The Vivatech exhibition and conference is a key meeting place for large corporations and startups from around the world, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase the biggest and newest innovations in the technology market. Numerous world-renowned companies participated in the event, such as TESLA, which continues to dominate the automotive market with its ongoing technological developments. Notable speakers included Elon Musk, who is undoubtedly one of the greatest influencers of our time.


The largest energy companies pay special attention to supporting revolutionary innovations. One of the main issues in the sector is the storage of excess energy. Among the numerous emerging technologies, the Intelligent Thermal Battery stands out. This invention by HeatVentors, following nearly a decade of research, revolutionized the thermal energy storage market a few years ago.


Another recognition in the energy services market came when we had the opportunity to present our innovation on the stage of the French utility company Engie. This trust was based on prior acquaintance with and recognition of our devices. The anticipated success followed, as we received numerous inquiries from industry leaders, with whom we managed to establish long-term collaborations. This opened up excellent opportunities to offer solutions to the problem of thermal energy storage on an international level.


The Intelligent Thermal Battery’s operation became the center of attention. It stores energy in a unique way, covering a wide range of temperatures with nearly 300 different phase change materials (PCM), unlike many similar storage units. This means it can be easily connected to any liquid-based cooling and heating system operating between -30 and +120 degrees Celsius. This innovative solution can save 20-50% of energy annually, depending on the system. Its exceptionally long lifespan, rapid return on investment, and sustainability have rightfully earned it significant attention.

Participation in the exhibition was an absolute success, as HeatVentors has found the answer to the complex issue of thermal energy storage: the Intelligent Thermal Battery.


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