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Shopping mall cooling in Lisbon

BUSINESS | Portugal |

Heatventors has recently expanded to the Portuguese market, partnering with a Portuguese energy firm, Pinto & Cruz – Energia e Sistemas, to introduce the HeatTank system in the country. Portugal is known for its sunny climate and high energy consumption, our solution has the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption in the country and contribute to its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

As with any innovative solution, there are challenges in introducing it to the market. One of the biggest challenges we face is the lack of awareness and understanding of sustainable thermal battery solutions among consumers and businesses. Therefore, we are working hard to educate the market and create awareness about the benefits of our system.

At Heatventors, we have a clear vision for the future. We plan to expand to other markets in Europe and beyond, playing a leading role in the transition to sustainable heating and reducing the impact of heating on the environment. Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we are excited to be contributing to a more sustainable future.


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