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From an engineering innovation to an international company

BUSINESS | Italy | One of the most read Hungarian business magazine, Figyelő, wrote an article from our achievements and current projects: our existing pilot with MVM Net, the ongoing installations for E.ON Hungária and Antenna Hungária and of course about our B2C product development with HAJDU and our first international project with Alperia.

The article discusses the success story of HeatVentors, a Hungarian company that specializes in developing and manufacturing renewable energy solutions, with a focus on thermal energy. The article highlights the HeatTank system, which uses thermal energy to provide heating and cooling for buildings. The article notes that the HeatTank has already been installed in several locations in Hungary and has received positive feedback from its customers.

The article discusses HeatVentors' growth strategy, which includes expanding its product line and increasing its presence in international markets. It portrays HeatVentors as an innovative and successful Hungarian company that has the potential to make a significant impact in the thermal energy sector.


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