Technical challenges

There are many problems concerning cooling systems. Cooling systems work with changing efficiency during a day. There are growing cooling needs due to the increasing outside temperature. Electricity prices will increase because the artificial price is not sustainable anymore. The systems are oversized, they work with bad efficiency far from the design point and they turn on and off quite often, which reduces their lifecycle. The operation security is essential to get better certifications as well.

Pain points

Usually our customers are facing with following difficulties:

High cooling costs

The cooling costs reach 40-50% of the total electricity price.

Increasing electricity price

The artificially low electricity price is not sustainable anymore.

Increasing cooling needs

We have to prepare for the increasing needs with oversizing.

Raising expectations

People’s well-being is more and more important

The solution

Efficient thermal energy management, efficient heating and cooling are crucial in commercial buildings. The reduction of energy consumption and the reduction of operating costs is one advantage. The second, maybe the biggest advantage is the certification of the office building. According to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the most widely used green building rating system in the world) two from the five main categories concerning the certification are sustainability and energy usage. Innovative technologies mean extra points as well.In addition, HeatTank has two extra benefits. When we plan the systems with HeatTank, a smaller heating and cooling system is enough to cover the needs because HeatTank can manage the peak needs. Thanks to the size reduction, the whole chain will be cheaper (electric cables, equipment, UPS, fans, pipes, fittings, pumps, etc.). HeatTank can reduce the electricity demand as well.Oversizing has other problems besides the high investment cost. The cooling systems will work far from the design point with bad efficiency and it will turn on and off quite frequently which will reduce its lifecycle and require more maintenances.

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20-50% more efficiency

Electricity saving is between 20-50%. Free-cooling at night & Chiller optimization.

Reduced maintence

The cooling system gets more stable, requiring less maintenance and reduced operation costs.

Higher certification

Higher certification level and better efficiency can attract environmental-conscious costumers.


Concentrated thermal energy storage. 90% smaller than the traditional water storage and innovative rectangular shape to save space.

Backup cooling

Backup cooling available to bridge restart downtime in case of blackouts. The restart of the newest cooling systems take at least 5 minutes, which could be critical.

Remote control

Visualized energy reports on monthly base to follow the energy saving.

Your objective should always be to eliminate instructions entirely by making everything self-explanatory, or as close to it as possible. When instructions are absolutely necessary, cut them back to a bare minimum.



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