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Cooling capacity: 3 200 kW | Savings: 83 800 Eur / year | ROI: 4 years | Aim: Energy saving and peak performance management

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Design parameters

Aim of HeatTank: Energy saving and peak performance management

Cooling capacity: 3 200 kW
Cooling period: 15 April – 15 October
Cooling cost: 453 000 EUR/year
Free-cooling performance: 800 kW
Desired inner temperature: 24,5°C (+-1 °C)
Cooling temperature level: 7/12°C
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Electricity price: 0,11 EUR/kWh


90 pieces of HeatTank 50-1

Cover the needs for 2-4 hours
Cover the peak needs for 8-10 hours
Decrease the peak load by 30%
Total cost of the system: 1 420 000 EUR


Electricity saving

Free-cooling: 0%
Free-cooling at night: 5%
Chiller optimization: 7,4%
Total savings: 12,4%, 56 000 EUR/year

Remote control & Energy reports

Remote control and visualized energy reports onmonthly base to follow the energy saving.

Higher certification

Higher certification due to higher comfort during summer and as innovative product was used:5 000 EUR/year

Peak performance management

30% size reduction in the cooling system, because the peaks are covered by HeatTank. 960 000 EUR initial cost reduction and 1 900 EUR/month reduction from the maximum demand cost.

Type: HeatTank 50-1

Capacity [kWh]: 50

Max. performance [kW]: 200

External Volume [m3]: 1,84

Connections [DN]: 42

Total weight [kg]: 1516

Additional savings, which are not calculated: close to flat electricity consumption per day means lower electricity pricefrom the system operator. Also, demand response is possible (when you get paid by the system operator for helping inthe electric system compensation).

During our calculations, we did not take into account the estimated high scale electricity price increase.In Slovakia, the electricity price was doubled in 2019 and this tendency is expected in the other European countries.

83 800 EUR / year total savings

4 years total ROI

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