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Cooling capacity: 1 500 kW | Savings: 40 620 EUR / year | ROI: 3,8 years | Aim: Energy saving and peak performance management

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Design parameters

Aim of HeatTank: Energy saving and peak performance management

Size: 20 000 m2
Cooling capacity: 1.500 kW
Cooling cost: 228 100 EUR/year
Electricity price: 0,12 EUR/kWh


7 pieces of HeatTank 50-1

Cover the needs for 4-5 hours
Decrease the peak load by 10%
Total cost of the system: 172 000 EUR
Reduced cost of the system: 32 100EUR


Electricity saving

Free-cooling: 5,8 %
Free-cooling at night: 6,5 %
Chiller optimization: 4,7 %
Total savings: 17 %, 38 800 EUR/year
Peak performance reduction: 10 %

Cooling system gets more stable

The cooling system gets more stable, requiring less maintenance and reduced operation costs.

Savings: 1 820 EUR/year

Higher certification

Higher  certification level and better efficiency can attract environmental-conscious  guests.

Backup cooling

Backup  cooling available to bridge downtime in case of cooling malfunction.


Type: HeatTank 50-1

Capacity [kWh]: 50

Max. performance [kW]: 200

External Volume [m3]: 1,84

Connections [DN]: 42

Total weight [kg]: 1516

Due to the decrease of the peak performance, 1.000 EUR/kW cooling capacity could be saved when building a new system or when retrofitting an old system. In this case it means that the full system price will be 32.100 EUR instead of 172.000 EUR.

Additional savings, which are not calculated: close to flat electricity consumption per day means lower electricity price from the system operator. Also, demand response is possible (when you get paid by the system operator for helping in the electric system compensation).

During our calculations, we did not take into accountthe estimated high scale electricity price increase, we calculated with a 5%increase in every year, which is a very optimistic scenario.

40 620 EUR / year total savings

3,8 years total ROI (0,8 years with reduced price)

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