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Cooling capacity: 10 kW | Savings: 1 787 EUR / year | ROI: 4,7 years | Aim: Energy saving in peak periods

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Design parameters

Aim of HeatTank: Energy saving in peak periods

Cooling capacity: 10 kW
Cooling cost: 4 852 EUR/year
Location: Singapore
Electricity price: 0,09 EUR/kWh during day and 0,07 EUR/kWh during night


1 piece of HeatTank 25-1

Cover the needs for 2-3 hours
Cover the peak needs for 4-8 hours
Decrease the peak load by 20%
Total cost of the system: 10 473 EUR


Electricity saving

Chiller optimization: 30,1 %
Total savings: 1 464 EUR/year

More stable system

323 EUR/year could be saved on the maintenance of the system.

Peak reduction

Peak reduction means 1 848 EUR lower investment of the cooling system.

Remote control & Energy reports

Remote control and visualized energy reports on monthly base to follow the energy saving.

Type: HeatTank 25-1

Capacity [kWh]: 25

Max. performance [kW]: 100

External Volume [m3]: 0,91

Connections [DN]: 28

Total weight [kg]: 717

During our calculations, we did not take into account the estimated high scale electricity price increase, we calculated with a 7% increase in every year, which is a very optimistic scenario, due to the lately huge increases in electricity price.

1 787 EUR / year total savings and 1 848 EUR lower investment

4,7 years total ROI

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